Billedhuggerhaven Skovsnogen is an outdoor working space for artists. The physical layout of the space is based on the layout of The Sculpture Garden Charlottenborg in Copenhagen. Beyond having a practical function as a site for production and experimentation Billedhuggerhaven Skovsnogen is a place for gathering and sharing; enabling artists with varying interests and experiences to come together and work alongside each other.

Billedhuggerhaven Skovsnogen is organized as an association, for further information please contact: Anna Moderato: phone +4542722784,

Rules for use of the garden

Billedhuggerhaven Skovsnogen is an accessible, self-organised working space for artists.The garden is always open and free to use. We do however ask everyone to abide by

these rules:

Don’t leave traces

Clean up after yourself at all times so that the space can be used by other people when you are not there.

Make it possible for others

Think of the garden as an opportunity to share knowledge and to enable discussion and

where one can arrange workshops, seminars and projects that can engage others. We

encourage initiatives and only ask that everyone is respectful and leave space for others to do the same.

The do'ers decide

But not alone! Things are decided by the ones who do, more so than by the ones who talk.

However, the opportunity to do is not without limits and actions should be taken with

consideration to others and the garden.

Mind asymmetries

Billedhuggerhaven Skovsnogen is made of asymmetries. People come from different

places, inhabit different bodies, have different experiences, are situated differently in power structures and have different boundaries. Take this into account, challenge your own position and let it be challenged, while respecting other people’s boundaries.

Traces in the shape of works

If you wish to leave/place a finished work in the garden you are welcome to do so after

having informed the association and with the understanding that the work will, at some

point, be moved/removed to make space for other projects.

Think these rules as interrelated.